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Our collectible perfume bottles are more valuable as time goes on.

New Old Glass Company

Giving Vintage Treasures Fresh Life

Perfume was a family business. Now vintage is our passion. How did we find ourselves here? 50 years ago a family member working in the American perfume industry purchased these amazing antique glass perfume bottles. They were tucked away in a closet and only recently rediscovered. Now we wonder how they could have been forgotten. These bottles tell a story of classic 1950s New York, of starched shirts and evening gowns and swanky supper clubs. We were so inspired by them that we started New Old Glass Company, where we give vintage treasures a fresh life.

Pictures of Old New York

Since Evyan Perfumes, Inc. was based in New York City, we thought you would enjoy seeing some pictures from Old New York. Each time you visit or refresh this page, a new random image is displayed.

Our Vintage Pieces

Antique Glass Perfume Bottles and Brass Compacts

We find these vintage Evyan perfume bottles irresistible not just for their remarkable condition,but for their history. Evyan was one of the first great American perfume companies. In the 1940s and 50s, when European perfume houses held the monopoly on fragrance, Evyan founder Baron Walter Langer von Langendorff created his first scent, the timeless White Shoulders. His wife was his muse, her own porcelain shoulders the inspiration. Finding great success, he went on to create Great LadyMost PreciousGolden Shadows, and more than 15 other perfume lines. replica horloges fake rolex replicas de relojes replicas de relojes